Is Student Driver Insurance Expensive?

A Student Driver insurance policy is essentially the same as a Young Driver insurance policy as in it’s just as expensive. Due to the high expense of Young Driver insurance, many drivers beginning their motoring career, and indeed students, rely on their parents to pay the insurance policies for them. However, many young drivers and regular motorists alike fall into the trap of not comparing enough quotes for Student Driver insurance, often going with the lowest quote on websites popular for comparing Young Driver insurance policies. The same can be said for those looking for Student Driver insurance policies, who often stick with their current insurance provider instead of looking for specialists when they go off to university.

Is Young Driver Insurance Cheaper than Student Driver Insurance?

Many students can find their insurance policies go up in price following their move to university, and this can simply be because student areas tend to have a higher crime rate than the areas young drivers originally come from. However, when looking at quotes and comparing Young Driver insurance policies to Student Driver policies, you may find a student policy is cheaper with Young Driver insurance specialists, than a young driver insurance quote is with a general broker that isn’t an expert in that particular area.

Can a Black Box Help Me Get Lower Student Driver Insurance Quotes?

In the same way that having a black box installed in your car as a young driver often lowers the premium, the same can apply to student drivers – as long as they are still within the age requirements for Young Driver Black Box insurance. A black box, sometimes marketed as a telematics device or box, is a device that is fitted to the car of a young driver or student driver with a Black Box insurance policy, to monitor their driving performance and habits. From this data it produces an overall performance score that informs the insurance provider how well you are driving. At renewal time, if your driving score is good and you’ve had no claims or accidents, you may find that most Young Driver insurance specialists will offer you discounts on your renewal quote.

Why Comparing Insurance Policies Is Important?

When comparing deals for Student Driver insurance policies and Young Driver insurance policies, you should always make sure the coverage is right for you. Particularly if you are a student, you don’t want to have a claim rejected due to not having the correct amount of coverage. If you opt for a Black Box insurance policy you’ll want to find Black Box insurance specialists that don’t have curfews in place, or restrictions over where you can drive as some Black Box insurance policies can be more restrictive than others, and impact when and how you can use your car.


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